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You can enjoy light ramen at Hakone Yumoto

You can also compare Odawara's specialty, kamaboko

Ramen Izakaya JIN, where you can enjoy ramen in Hakone Yumoto, is a restaurant with many dishes made from ingredients produced in local Odawara and Hakone. Seasonal dishes using branded beef, beef tongue curry is a specialty, and the locals are saying “delicious” by tourists.
Kamaboko, a specialty of Odawara, is also abundant so that you can eat and compare them. There is also a drink menu using local plum and Shonan Gold, and you can explore Hakone and Odawara thoroughly. There are two types of noodles that you can enjoy with soy sauce and salt.


Introducing the menu of ramen izakaya in Hakone Yumoto

We have a lot of local specialties and ingredients

Frequently Asked Questions

Answering questions from customers

Where is the store located?
It is a 7-minute walk from Hakone Yumoto Station. Please feel free to contact us if you do not know the location.
Please tell me the business hours.
Business hours are from 20:00 to 24:00.
Is it okay to go alone?
Yes, welcome. There are counter seats and there are many customers. Please join us feel free to come.
Is it okay to go with your family?
Yes, welcome. There are many customers with families. Relax at the table.
Store Guide

Izakaya route with plenty of local specialties and ingredients


Store name

Ramen Izakaya JIN

Street address

592 Yumoto, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa

phone number
business hours

20:00 〜 24:00


Ramen Izakaya, Ramen Izakaya JIN is a shop in a big sightseeing spot visited by various customers. A variety of local specialties and boasting seasonal dishes and beef tongue curry are made from Hakone beef that is soft and has an exquisite balance between lean and fat. There are plenty of local specialties such as Odawara mandarin orange beer and kamaboko.

About us

The ramen izakaya in Hakone Yumoto uses local ingredients

The ingredients of ramen izakaya are particular about local products such as Hakone Yumoto

Our shop, which purchases ingredients grown in Hakone and Odawara directly from farmers, is an izakaya with abundant local specialties. Odawara's specialty kamaboko, which has good skin gloss, fine texture and elasticity, is available from the locals and has a wide variety of foods that can be compared.
In addition to sake and shochu, in addition to beer and sour, in addition to highball and popular menus, we also offer local specialties, Odawara mandarin beer. Odawara mandarin beer is a beer-based cocktail that you can enjoy the fruity taste of mandarin while retaining the umami of beer with a unique blend of odawara orange juice. Please contact us for all-you-can-drink, charter and second party.

A restaurant where you can enjoy ramen in Hakone Yumoto features light soup

Izakaya, which has a menu that uses local ingredients abundantly, offers all-you-can-drink, charter, and secondary parties so that visitors can enjoy it. In recent years, Hakone, a major tourist spot visited by many tourists, including foreigners, has an abundance of restaurants and other restaurants.
There are many types of drinks that are carefully selected by collecting sake from all over the country and shochu. In addition to classic items such as strawberries and wheat, there are also popular menus that cannot be removed at beer, sour, highball and drinking parties. This is a restaurant where you can order noodles after a fun banquet. The soup is a well-balanced and refreshing taste that allows you to enjoy the richness and flavor of local seafood and animal ingredients. The feature is that the stomach does not sag even after drinking, and it is finished perfectly with special soy sauce and salt. The noodles have a smooth throat and a taste that is as good as a specialty store.