Menus using plenty of Hakone and Odawara specialties are popular

Ramen Izakaya, Ramen Izakaya JIN, Hakone Yumoto is an excellent access store in the middle of Hakone, where about 20 million people visit each year. Because it is in a large tourist spot where a variety of customers visit from small groups to groups and foreigners, we are trying to respond flexibly, and we also handle chartered banquets and secondary parties, all-you-can-drink, course dishes The Ingredients are particular about Hakone and Odawara specialties and ingredients, and golden oranges filled with branded beef and juicy sweet pulp are sent directly from local farmers.
The noodles you want after enjoying meals and sake are also finished with a refreshing taste that allows you to enjoy the richness and flavor of the whole chicken and dried fish that have been raised locally. It can be tasted with soy sauce and salt and does not remain the next day. We also have a local specialty, Odawara mandarin orange beer, so please enjoy it.

Please use as a tavern where you can enjoy ramen in Hakone Yumoto


Store name

Ramen Izakaya JIN

Street address

592 Yumoto, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa

phone number
business hours

20:00 〜 24:00


Ramen Izakaya, Ramen Izakaya JIN is a shop in a big sightseeing spot visited by various customers. A variety of local specialties and boasting seasonal dishes and beef tongue curry are made from Hakone beef that is soft and has an exquisite balance between lean and fat. There are plenty of local specialties such as Odawara mandarin orange beer and kamaboko.

Izakaya with local specialties such as Odawara mandarin orange beer

It is a shop that also supports all-you-can-drink and course menus

The Izakaya, which has a popular menu using local ingredients, is also available for all-you-can-drink and charter so that visitors can enjoy it. In recent years, Hakone, a major tourist spot visited by many tourists, including foreigners, has an abundance of restaurants and other restaurants. Among them, there are many dishes that are sent directly from local farmers and used.
There are many types of drinks that are carefully selected from Japanese sake from all over the country and shochu. In addition to classic items such as straw and wheat, we also have popular menus that cannot be missed at beer, sour, highball and drinking parties. This is a restaurant where you can order noodles after a fun banquet. The soup is a well-balanced and refreshing taste that allows you to enjoy the richness and flavor of local animal products. The feature is that the stomach does not sag even after drinking, and it is finished perfectly with special soy sauce and salt. The noodles have a smooth throat and a taste that is as good as a specialty store.

Ramen Izakaya JIN, where you can enjoy ramen in Hakone Yumoto, is a popular izakaya with a wide variety of menus that are particular about the specialties and ingredients of Hakone and Odawara. We greet customers with a menu that uses vegetables delivered directly from local farmers. Many tourists, including foreigners, visit Hakone, a major tourist destination that attracts about 20 million people annually. For this reason, we are trying to be flexible and can make all-you-can-drink and course meals if you make a reservation in advance.
The restaurant where you can enjoy ramen in Hakone Yumoto is particular about the ingredients, and you can enjoy a menu using branded beef and specialty kamaboko. The drink menu includes not only sake and shochu to match the dishes, but also beer, sour and highball, which are indispensable for banquets and secondary parties, as well as Odawara mandarin beer, a local specialty. This liquor is one of the beer-based cocktails and is a gem that retains the flavor of beer while enjoying the fruity taste of oranges by adding Odawara orange juice in a unique formulation. It's a liquor you can't taste elsewhere, so please try it when you come to Hakone or Odawara.