Come to ramen izakaya in Hakone Yumoto

Ramen Izakaya Jin, where you can enjoy ramen in Hakone Yumoto, is a shop with many popular menus that can be enjoyed by tourists. Carefully selected sake and shochu as a tavern in the middle of Hakone, a major tourist spot visited by about 20 million tourists annually, classic beer and sour, and highball Odawara mandarin orange juice, which boasts the largest shipment in the prefecture You can taste Odawara mandarin orange beer mixed with beer.
Beef curry and seasonal dishes using branded beef that is characterized by its softness and superb sweetness is one of its proud menus.

Features of Ramen Izakaya Jin

Hakone Yumoto's ramen izakaya has only local ingredients

An Izakaya in Hakone, one of Japan's leading hot spring towns, is a shop that focuses on locally produced ingredients. There are many menus using locally grown vegetables sent directly from contracted farmers. You can also enjoy seasonal dishes and beef tongue curry using branded beef.
Odawara's specialty, Kamaboko, which has good skin gloss, fine texture and elasticity, has a wide variety of dishes such as Odawara Nerimono, Plated Kamaboko and Steamed Kamabako. Please feel free to visit us because we are particular about local ingredients because we want to enjoy Hakone where about 20 million tourists visit every year.

The ramen izakaya in Hakone Yumoto also accepts all-you-can-drink and charter

Izakaya, which has a menu using vegetables delivered directly from a local farmer with a contract, requires an advance reservation, but you can enjoy all-you-can-drink and a private banquet. Hakone, which is a major tourist spot, has many restaurants and restaurants, so you can't decide which one to choose. Among them, the restaurant in the center of Hakone, where you can enjoy noodles after enjoying meals and sake, can also be used for private banquets and secondary parties because you want to entertain yourself with hot springs and local ingredients after sightseeing. It can be used.
There are many kinds of drinks and shochu that are carefully selected from sake all over the country. In addition to classic items such as strawberries and wheat, beer, sour, highball and other popular menus and local Odawara mandarin juice are included in the beer. Odawara orange beer can also be enjoyed.

The ramen served at the pub in Hakone Yumoto is a light soup

Izakaya, which has a menu that uses vegetables and vegetables delivered directly from local farmers, is a great place to enjoy sake and noodles you want after enjoying a meal. The soup that has been carefully simmered with locally-produced animal ingredients is light and has a refreshing aftertaste. A well-balanced soup that can be enjoyed deeply and deeply after drinking can be enjoyed with soy sauce and salt. The noodles also have a smooth throat, so the stomach does not sag the next day.
In addition, Odawara's specialties such as kamaboko, grilled chikuwa and plate kamaboko are also available in a wide variety so that you can order and compare them. You can enjoy only fresh foods delivered directly to the area, so please try one of the famous products when you come.

The ramen izakaya in Hakone Yumoto offers mandarin orange beer

Izakaya, which has a popular menu using local ingredients, has a drink menu that can be enjoyed by many customers. There are many types of Japanese sake shochu carefully selected from all over the country, and there are also popular menus such as beer, sour, and highball, with a selection of straw and wheat. Reservations are required in advance, but it is also available for all-you-can-drink and chartering of the second party, and it is also available for those who come to Hakone for sightseeing in groups and want to hold a banquet with friends.
In addition, Odawara's specialty, Odawara mandarin orange beer is also available. In addition to enjoying the fruity taste of oranges, this is a beer cocktail that retains the flavor of beer and uses plenty of oranges grown in Odawara. It is a drink menu that you can't taste anywhere else, so please order it when you come.