Ramen Izakaya JIN in Hakone Yumoto rushes into July!

2020/07/01 History of our shop

Good evening everyone!

This is JIN, a ramen pub in Hakone Yumoto!

It's finally July!

The bad season of the rainy season is over and summer is about to begin...

And you want to drink beer on a hot day, right?

You want to drink beer, be refreshed and eat ramen in a cool place, right?

Salt ramen

In such a case, please come to Hakone Yumoto Ramen Izakaya JIN!

We are waiting for you to make beer perfect for hot days and ramen that you want to eat on hot days!

Of course, the store is cool, so don't worry!

Those who want to drink sake and enjoy ramen at the end of summer while enjoying the scent of hot springs in Hakone!

Those who want to enjoy the night of Hakone while listening to the sound of the river!

Someone who came to Hakone but thought that I want to eat ramen for some reason!

Anyone is waiting!

The only restaurant that you can enjoy from start to finish and have a full stomach is the Ramen Izakaya JIN in Hakone Yumoto! !! !!

We are waiting for your reservation, so please feel free to call us!