Ramen Izakaya JIN in Hakone Yumoto

2020/07/16 History of our shop
Store exterior

Good evening everyone!

This is JIN, a ramen pub in Hakone Yumoto! !! !!

Even though it's July, I don't think it's going to rain and I'm feeling bad, but...

The Ramen Izakaya JIN located in Hakone Yumoto is open to business without being defeated by rain or corona! !!

The menu has been updated and curry ramen has been added!

You can eat curry ramen only at Ramen Izakaya JIN in Hakone Yumoto! !!

It's a curry ramen made with the popular beef tongue curry!

Please come to eat!


Of course I have sake and snacks too!

If you would like to drink a little, please come!

We are preparing ramen and sake that will make you feel better even in the rain!

From start to finish, you can only enjoy ramen izakaya JIN in Hakone Yumoto! !!

We also accept reservations, so please use it!