Ramen Tavern JIN in Hakone Yumoto Exhilarating Monday

2020/10/12 History of our shop
Mandarin beer

Good evening everyone!
JIN is a ramen bar where you can eat ramen with Odawara specialties in Hakone Yumoto!

It's been a long time since we had a nice day today!

The starry sky in Hakone is also beautiful!

The night sky is perfect for hot springs!

Warm your body after bathing in a hot spring at JIN, a ramen bar in Hakone Yumoto!

There is also sake, so you can enjoy it from the beginning to the end at Hakone Yumoto Ramen Tavern JIN!

Hakone Yumoto Ramen There is also a mandarin beer that can only be drunk at the tavern JIN!

Only Hakone Yumoto Ramen Tavern JIN is doing it until late!

Only JIN, a ramen pub in Hakone Yumoto, can eat Odawara ramen with Odawara specialties in Hakone Yumoto!

Knobs & beer

It's scary to go to an izakaya in Corona ...

But I want to drink and eat something ...

I don't even have a shop ...

For those who say, we also do takeout!

As expected, I haven't taken out ramen ... lol

Other than that, you can take out alcohol and snacks!

Please feel free to come!

You can also wait for orders over the phone!

We also accept banquet reservations!