Ramen Izakaya JIN in Hakone Yumoto On a cold night

2020/10/30 History of our shop
Mandarin beer

Good evening!

This is JIN, a ramen izakaya in Hakone Yumoto!

It's been too cold lately and it's finally winter ...

The night in Hakone Yumoto is cold in a hoodie 🍃

I'm thinking about going to Oden soon ...

On cold nights when your body is cold, you can drink alcohol and warm ramen!

Our ramen warms the soup up to 15 seconds before serving it to you!

So it warms up to the core of your body!

And the ingredients are Odawara specialties that can only be eaten here in Hakone Yumoto!

You can eat Odawara ramen in Hakone Yumoto!

Only the ramen izakaya JIN in Hakone Yumoto!

Hakone Yumoto Ramen You can only eat at the tavern JIN! I can't drink! We have food and drinks!

Please come to eat on your way home from the hot springs or drive!