The ramen izakaya noodles in Hakone Yumoto feature a light soup

Ramen Izakaya JIN, where you can enjoy ramen in Hakone Yumoto, is a restaurant that can also be reserved for banquets and secondary parties so that visitors can enjoy it. The course menu offers a variety of dishes made with vegetables delivered directly from local contracted farmers.
This is a shop where you can enjoy a menu using Hakone beef, which features an exquisite balance between red and fat, such as seasonal foods and beef tongue curry, and softness and superb sweetness. Please use it at the banquet or second party charter.

All-you-can-drink is also available at the ramen izakaya in Hakone Yumoto

Hakone, which is a major tourist spot, has a variety of restaurants and restaurants. Among them, shops that have a reputation for sticking to vegetables delivered directly from local contracted farmers also support all-you-can-drink. In addition to carefully selected sake and shochu, classic beer, sour and highball, you can also enjoy local specialties. It is Odawara mandarin beer, a cocktail that blends the juice of Odawara mandarin oranges, which boasts the largest shipment in the prefecture, with beer. The menu also includes a menu that allows you to enjoy the fruity taste of mandarin and the taste of beer.
There are also a variety of menu items that go well with sake and beer. The specialties that sake goes on and on are perfect as souvenirs.

The ramen izakaya in Hakone Yumoto offers local ingredients and specialties

An Izakaya in Hakone, famous as a hot spring town, is a shop that specializes in local specialties and ingredients. An extensive menu of local vegetables and fruits, including golden oranges filled with juicy and sweet pulp sent directly from local contract farmers. Brand beef raised in high-quality natural water that springs from the foot of Hakone is one of its specialties. Raised in a rich natural environment and clear air, you can enjoy the exquisite taste of red and fat balance with softness and superb sweetness. There are many orders for seasonal dishes and beef tongue curry, which is a popular menu.

The ramen izakaya noodles in Hakone Yumoto will not remain the next day

Ramen Izakaya JIN, where you can enjoy ramen in Hakone Yumoto, is a popular restaurant that is visited by many tourists in Hakone. Local people also visit as a shop with a lot of popular menus that are particular about Hakone and Odawara specialties and ingredients. There are many drink menus such as Japanese sake from all over the country, carefully selected sake, shochu, classic beer, sour and highball.
The feature of noodles that you want to eat as a final dish after drinking is that the stomach does not sag and does not remain the next day. The soup, which is made by simmering local animal foods over time, has a refreshing taste with a clear and transparent finish. Excellent compatibility with special soy sauce sauce and salt, noodles are soothing and smooth, so you won't lose to specialty stores. We also accept course meals, chartered banquets and secondary parties for group visitors to enjoy, so please contact us.

Hakone Yumoto ramen izakaya noodles are popular for their light soup

In recent years, Izakaya in Hakone, a major tourist spot visited by many foreigners, is a shop that is visited by locals and tourists. The restaurant where you can enjoy everything from meals to noodles is especially rare among the abundant restaurants and other restaurants, and it is recommended for those who have come to Hakone for the first time, saying that they can cover everything in one house. . In addition, Kamaboko, which is a specialty of Odawara, is abundant in variety so that you can eat and compare Odawara Nerimono, plate-kamaboko, and steamed kamaboko.
The noodles you want to taste after a fun banquet are characterized by the fact that even after you drink, your stomach won't sag and won't remain the next day. The soup is made by carefully simmering locally grown animal ingredients over time, and is perfect for both the special soy sauce and salt. The noodles are also smooth and have a good throat sensation, which is unbeatable for specialty shops.