Introducing the ramen izakaya JIN's special suppliers

Ramen Izakaya JIN, where you can enjoy ramen in Hakone Yumoto, is popular for its menu using branded cattle raised in a rich natural environment and clear air. The cuisine and beef tongue curry tailored to the best season are so popular that they say that the softness and superb sweetness are delicious, and many customers enjoy it.
In addition, the noodles in the name of the store are well-balanced and refreshing, boasting a light soup, loved by tourists and locals, and having a rich and rich flavor. Since it will not remain the next day, it will be a menu that you can recommend to the fullest.

"The scale"

Oda Kamaboko originated store Urokoki is the original Odawara Kamaboko shop. Rinkichi's crab has extreme elasticity and taste. Every time you chew, the taste that you have never tasted will spread in your mouth and give you a blissful time. Urokoki provides customers with pride that continues to face history and manufacturing.


Wakiya has been in business for over 110 years and is now in its fifth generation, counting from the first generation.
Wakiya's kamaboko is firmer and more resilient than other kamaboko shops. It's not hard, but it keeps its strength by making use of traditional manufacturing methods. The trend of modern food is to prefer something softer than hard, but I'm sure that I am fighting with the traditional elasticity and taste.

"Nongfeng Hotel"

Unlike the plum wine, which uses only high-quality plums (juro plum) from the Soga plum forest, the famous plum production area “Odawara” from Nagamine Ryokan. Stock wine "Odawara Ume Wine". Unlike plum wine, please enjoy the taste of fruit wine made by fermenting the fruits of plum.

`` Odawara oranges ''

In our store, we offer "Odawara mandarin orange beer" that makes use of mandarin oranges.
“Odawara Mikan Beer” is officially a beer-based cocktail. A beer that is perfect for mandarin oranges, with the unique flavor of beer by adding Odawara mandarin orange juice. Please have it when you visit our store.

A popular izakaya where you can taste even noodles in Hakone, so many tourists come here, and they are particular about the specialties and ingredients of Hakone and Odawara. In addition to being able to enjoy seasonal vegetables such as vegetables sent directly from local farmers, we also have Odawara's specialty kamaboko so that you can eat and compare them.
The drink menu is carefully selected from all over Japan, and there are plenty of shochu and other shochu items such as wheat and wheat. In addition to popular drinks such as beer, sour, and highball, Odawara mandarin beer, a beer cocktail that contains the largest shipment of tangerine juice in the prefecture, is also on the menu. We also offer all-you-can-drink, private banquets and secondary parties for group visitors. Please feel free to contact us for reservations in advance.