Have a good time at a tavern that sticks to local specialties

Ramen Izakaya JIN, where you can enjoy ramen noodles in Hakone Yumoto, is a popular shop because of its focus on the specialties and ingredients of Hakone and Odawara. The local farmers directly send seasonal oranges and golden oranges filled with sweet pulp.
In addition, we also have a nationally famous specialty, kamaboko, which you can eat and compare, so please feel free to visit.

  • Hakone beer
  • Ume Wine & Shonan Gold Wine
  • Odawara orange beer
  • Salt ramen
  • Soy sauce pork noodles
  • Beef tongue curry

The Izakaya in Hakone is an Izakaya that uses plenty of vegetables delivered directly from the contracted farmhouse, with a focus on ingredients from Hakone and Odawara so that customers can enjoy it. The most popular menu is made with branded beef raised in a rich natural environment and clear air, and especially seasonal dishes and beef tongue curry are ordered as they run out. This cow is popular for its softness and the balance between lean and fat, and its sweetness is characteristic.
Speaking of Odawara, there are a wide variety of kamaboko, a famous specialty that everyone can remember, and you can enjoy Odawara Nerimono, plate kamaboko, and steamed kamaboko. The drink menu includes not only sake and shochu beer, but also popular items such as sour and highball, as well as Odawara orange beer. Please contact us for all-you-can-drink, charter and secondary party.