There is a menu where you can enjoy Odawara and Hakone specialties

Hakone Yumoto's Ramen Izakaya offers a menu that focuses on ingredients produced in local Odawara and Hakone.
Odawara mandarin orange beer, which has a lot of varieties that can be eaten and compared with kamaboko with good skin gloss, fine texture and elasticity, and leaves the flavor of beer added to it. This is a store that we have prepared.

Hakone Yumoto Ramen Izakaya is a shop where you can enjoy specialties

Ramen Izakaya JIN in Hakone is a shop that is particular about Hakone, a popular tourist spot as a hot spring resort that many foreigners and other tourists visit. We are particular about local specialties and ingredients, and we purchase vegetables directly.
In addition, seasonal dishes and beef tongue curry are popular for their balance and softness between red and fat. There are kamaboko kneaded foods and Odawara's famous plate-kamabako kamaboko, so you can eat and compare them, and drinks such as sake, shochu, beer and sour are also available.

It is an izakaya where you can enjoy ramen like a specialty store in Hakone Yumoto

Hakone Ramen Izakaya JIN is a shop that offers a variety of menus for visitors to enjoy. There is a menu using vegetables delivered directly from local contracted farmers and branded beef with a balance between lean and fat, and the most popular are seasonal dishes and beef curry.
There are also other noodles that you will want after enjoying sake, and you can enjoy soy sauce and salt. The soup is made by boiling a whole chicken and dried fish thoroughly and making it clear and transparent, with a rich flavor and refreshing taste. The noodles are smooth and the throat feels well, and the finish is comparable to that of specialty stores. The noodles are the favorite noodles regardless of age or gender due to the fact that the stomach does not sag and does not remain the next day, so please order when you come.

The ramen izakaya in Hakone Yumoto also supports all you can drink

A popular izakaya in Hakone is particular about local ingredients, but we also offer local sake. Odawara Mikan Beer, Odawara's specialty beer-based cocktail, is also on the drink menu, and it is also enjoyed by visitors who come to sightseeing. In fact, Odawara City has the highest harvest of mandarin oranges in Kanagawa Prefecture, and it has become one of the local specialties. You can enjoy the fruity taste of oranges by adding its juice to beer in a unique formulation.
In addition to sake and shochu carefully selected from all over the country, in addition to beer and sour, you can also enjoy all-you-can-drink with highball and popular menus. Reservations are required in advance, and consultations on the number of people, time, and all-you-can-drink drink menus are available. We also accept chartered banquets and secondary parties, so please contact us if you plan to come to sightseeing.